Our mission is to revolutionize the private primary and secondary educational ecosystem, offering educational content and technology services that allow schools to deliver high-quality education to their students, as well as digital services that support their growth and efficiency, supporting the digital transformation in schools.

We strive to become the partner of choice for every school in our target market. Our goal is based on the premise that every solution and service offered through our multi-brand, technology-enabled platform has been designed to empower every stakeholder (students, parents, educators and administrators of private schools) to reach their full potential in their own way.

We believe we are uniquely positioned to help schools in Brazil undergo the process of digital transformation and bring their education skill-set to the 21st century.

We promote the unified use of technology in K-12 education in a manner that generates a simple, seamless and transparent experience for schools, offering 360-degree views of student performance with enhanced data and actionable insight for educators, increased collaboration among support staff and significant improvement in production, efficiency and quality for schools.

We provide the following solutions for the empowerment of our stakeholders: